Why is good attendance important to your child?

Regular attendance creates consistency in their learning and this leads to:

  • School work being easier to cope with
  • Them feeling more secure
  • Work being more satisfying
  • Better results
  • Better job prospects and references
  • Increased self esteem

We wish to maintain high levels of attendance. All parents are asked to telephone or send a message AS SOON AS POSSIBLE when their child is absent.

What is meant by unauthorised absence?

Law allows some absences. For example if your child is ill or there is a family crisis such as a funeral. However, there are other times when an absence IS NOT PERMITTED, such as taking days off at the end of term or to celebrate a birthday. We realise that on some occasions there may be a particular problem that causes your child to be absent. We ask that you as parents let us know and we will deal with this sympathetically. Sometimes illness strikes and your child will need time to recover. If your child is frequently ill on the same day each week we will investigate to see if there is something wrong at school. If there is please let us know.

Wherever possible ALL appointments, including dental and medical, should be made OUTSIDE school time.

For further information please see our Attendance Policy.