Key Stage 3


In Geography, year 7 students learn about the modern world at both a local and global scale, looking at people and the environment.  They also get the opportunity to develop their key geographical skills such as map reading and graph interpretation, all of which will have a particular focus on the geography of the UK.  They study topics such as map skills, hot and cold lands, how settlements grow and issues within Europe. Students will learn how to display information through various media, including drawing maps and sketches, and they will also be given an introduction to fieldwork skills with some work conducted around the school grounds.  Group presentations and home project tasks will also be a feature of year 7 Geography.  These skills are all required for pupils to develop further in their year 8 and 9 studies, where they will look at the UK’s social, economic and environmental position amongst the wider world.  Students are encouraged to explore topics independently using the library and internet resources, whilst in the classroom; students can expect to discuss ideas and work collaboratively as well as develop their independent learning skills.  Students will study Geography until the end of year 9, after which they will then have the opportunity to take the subject at GCSE.