Key Stage 3


Students in year 7 will have two one hour lessons over the two-week timetable.  They will predominantly use tuned percussion instruments, keyboards, drums and computers.  Many  topics are incorporated via singing such as musicals and African music.  Students will develop performing, composing, listening and research skills across all of key stage 3.  Music is taught in school by working in groups, which develops team skills and builds confidence.

The school has a thriving extra-curricular programme and students may wish to choose to learn an instrument such as: flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, cornet, horn, baritone, trombone, singing, piano, violin, cello, drums, piano and guitar.  There are also opportunities to perform in : Sandon Voices, Sandon Singers, Chamber Choir, Concert Band, Clarinet Ensemble, Flute Ensemble, Brass Ensemble, Sandon Strings, Guitar Band, Stax of Sax and Raw Rhythm percussion group.

All year 7 students take part in a flagship programme called 'Sing Up', part of a national campaign to get students singing more in school, and receive a vocal workshop led by older students (Young Singing Leaders - or 'YSLs') in their extended registration once a fortnight.  This culminates in the whole year 7 opening the Christmas Concert each year and featuring in the Summer Variety Show.