Business Studies GCSE


Examination Board



Overview of the course

In the course you are going to learn about simple business facts and how to apply ideas to business problems.  In a GCSE Business Studies course you will need to learn the description of business terms and be able to apply your business knowledge and analyse and draw judgements about some business situations.

Business Studies is not just one subject.  It encompasses a wide variety of topics, all in the form of modules, ranging from marketing to finance. This means that before you have a chance to get bored with one module, you move on to a completely different topic, giving you renewed energy and enthusiasm to start work again.

This course will enable you to understand:

·         the importance in a business of setting objectives;

·         how businesses make their decisions;

·         how businesses are organised;

·         how business behaviour can be influenced by a range of people and organisations including customers, managers, creditors, owners/shareholders and employees;

·         what outside factors influence the operations of a business such as the state of the economy, and the environment;

·         how a business markets its products or services;

·         how businesses price their products

·         what production is all about;

·         how businesses recruit and select the right people for work

Course content and assessment

Unit title and description

Assessment and duration


Unit A291: Marketing and Enterprise


·         Market research and data collection

·         The marketing mix

·         Marketing in the wider business environment


·         Enterprise and the entrepreneur

·         The business plan

Controlled assessment

Up to 10 hours on research/data collection.

Up to 6 hours writing a report

Learners select one of two controlled assessment tasks


Unit A292: Business and People

The structure of business activity

·         The need for business activity

·         Business ownership, trading organisations, growth and location

The workforce in business

·         Employment and retention

·         Organisation and communication

Written examination

1 hour

This question paper consists of compulsory short-answer data-response questions


Unit title and description

Assessment and duration


Unit A293: Production, Finance and the External Business Environment

Using and managing resources to produce goods and services

·         Types of production methods

·         Management and control of production

·         Production costs

Financial information and decision making

·         Sources of finance

·         Financial forecasting and analysis

External influences on business activity

·         The competitive environment

·           Environmental influences and  business ethics

·         Government and the UK economy

·         Globalisation and UK business

Written examination

1 hour 30 minutes

This question paper consists of compulsory questions based on the pre-released case-study stimulus material.


Final results will be graded A*-G.

Post-16 Courses available to you:

Students with Business Studies GCSE have the option either to progress their learning of the subject at more advanced courses e.g. AS/A2 or Cambridge Technicals (Level 3), (both offered at Sandon), or use it towards their entry to other subjects.  However, when you decide to enter employment the subject will also help you as you learn and use a variety of transferable skills throughout the course.  These include the important business skills of decision making and planning, working in teams and communication skills.