Business Studies OCR Level 2

(OCR Level 2 Cambridge National Certificate in Business and Enterprise)

Examination Board



Overview of the course:

Business is at the heart of our economy.  From major corporations to small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) and sole traders, business provides a vital contribution to communities, creates income, provides wealth and leads innovation and creativity across all sectors.

The Cambridge National in Business and Enterprise offers students a broad foundation of knowledge required for further study in business, including the different ways in which businesses are owned and operated, effective recruitment and employment, and the key phrases/elements of successful business and enterprise activities.

The Cambridge National in Business and Enterprise will offer opportunities to develop business skills demanded by employers in the UK today. They will enhance the learner’s readiness for the world of work by developing transferable skills such as planning, research and analysis, working with others and effective communication. These qualifications will challenge all learners, including high attainers, by introducing them to demanding new materials and skills. They will encourage independence and creativity, and provide tasks that engage with more taxing aspects of the National Curriculum (including business planning, detailed self-assessment and analytical review skills).

These qualifications will assess the application of business skills through their practical use, and an understanding of business and enterprise through both practical and knowledge-based activities. They will provide learners with essential knowledge, transferable skills and tools to improve their learning in other subjects, with the aims of enhancing their employability when they leave education, contributing to their personal development and future economic well-being.

Level 2: Table of equivalencies

OCR Level 2 Cambridge National in Business & Enterprise

Number of teaching  modules

Qualifications of the same size and level


1 GCSE (A*-C)

Course content and assessment:

Three units are studied over the 2 years.



Percentage of overall result

R061 Introduction to Business

Externally assessed – 1 hour written paper


R062 Planning for work

Centre-assessed and externally moderated by OCR - coursework


R063 Setting up and running an enterprise


Post-16 Courses available to you:

Students with OCR Cambridge Nationals in Business and Enterprise have the option either to progress their learning of the subject at more advanced courses e.g. AS/A2 or Cambridge Technicals (Level 3), (both offered at Sandon), or use it towards their entry to other subjects.  However, when you decide to enter employment the subject will also help you as you learn and use a variety of transferable skills throughout the course.  These include the important business skills of decision making and planning, working in teams and communication skills.