Geography GCSE


Examination Board



Overview of the course

The course will cover a broad range of topics, both physical and human, which help give an understanding of important global issues. Throughout the course you will learn various aspects of Geography that will prepare you to go on to study the subject beyond GCSE, or to support your chosen post-16 courses. You will learn many transferable skills such as literacy, numeracy, ICT, analysis, decision making and team work, which can also be applied to other subjects. Due to the diversity of the subject it provides an excellent gateway into a variety of different career paths. This also makes the course a very popular choice with many colleges and employers.

Course content

Potential content may be from the following areas:

The Physical Environment

·         Changing landscapes of the UK

·         The living world

·         Weather hazards and climate change

·         Ecosystems, biodiversity and management

The Human Environment

·         Changing cities and urban issues

·         Global development

·         The changing economic world

·         Resource management

Geographical Investigations: Fieldwork

·         You will complete an investigation of a physical or human environment.

·         This requires you to apply fieldwork and Geographical skills which will be examined.

·         There is the potential for local and residential fieldtrips in order to develop fieldwork techniques.

How you will be assessed

·         The course is 100% examined in three written papers where you will be graded on a nine-point scale: 1 to 9 – where 9 is the best grade.

·         The examinations include multiple-choice questions, short open response questions, calculations based on data and extended writing questions.

·         The examination will test Geographical knowledge and understanding as well as the use and application of Geographical skills. The weighting of these different assessment objectives will vary by examination board.

Further details on content and assessment will be available at the information evening in January from the Geography Department. Also ask your teachers during school time.

Post 16 Courses available to you

You can go on to study Geography at AS and A level, both of which are currently available in The Sandon Sixth Form.