Powers of Personnel and Curriculum Committee



To keep under review the strategic objectives of the School and the School Improvement Plan which now incorporate the Action Plan following inspection.  To keep under review and to be responsible for advising the Governing Body on matters relating to the following policies, procedures, statements and other documents.   To monitor the implementation of these where appropriate and to ensure that they are well publicised.

1.1       Assessment
1.2       Attendance
1.3       Behaviour
1.4       Capability Procedures for staff          
1.5       Code of Conduct for Staff
1.6       Curriculum (including teaching and learning)
1.7       Disciplinary and Dismissal Procedures for staff
1.8       Drugs
1.9       Exclusion
1.10     Governor Visits Procedures
1.11     Grievance Procedures for Employees
1.12     Home School Agreement
1.13     Homework
1.14     Learning Support (incorporating SEND)
1.15     Leave of Absence
1.16     Marking
1.17     Performance Management
1.18     Prospectus
1.19     Recruitment of staff
1.20     Redundancy and restructuring of staff
1.21     Sex and Relationship Education
1.22     Sickness Absence Management
1.23     Use of reasonable force and restraint

2.         PERSONNEL

2.1       To monitor  the termination of contracts  of employment and appointments made by the Headteacher under his delegated power that relates to all staff other than the appointment of  Headteacher, Deputy Heads and Business Manager for which the Governing Body is responsible.

2.2       To keep under review compliance with employment law by the School.  In particular to ensure that all staff satisfy security checks and have a written contract of employment with a suitable job description and that a centralised record is held of recruitment and vetting checks.

2.3       To keep under review applications for early retirement of staff.

2.4       To monitor the Staffing Structure that is the responsibility of the Headteacher under his delegated powers other than the Structure of the Leadership Team and the Structure of Teaching and Learning Responsibilties  that are determined by the Pay Committee in consultation with the Headteacher.

2.5       To keep under review the staff attendance records.


3.1       To keep under review all Curriculum and related matters ensuring that it is balanced and broadly based and that all statutory requirements are met. 

3.2       To advise the Governing Body on the Curriculum including current and proposed developments in curricular and related provision.

3.3       To receive regular presentations from Middle Management relating to the results and developments of their departments or their area of responsibility.

3.4       To monitor the use of resources (money, time staffing etc.) by Curriculum Teams.

3.5       To monitor standards of educational achievement.

3.6       To ensure that only approved external qualifications and specifications are offered to students.

3.7       To review and advise the Governing Body, so far as necessary, on the annual RAISEonline and Data Dashboard.

3.8       To make and review arrangements for Governors to familiarise themselves with aspects of the work of the School through a programme of visits.

3.9       To ensure that the School makes an appropriate offer for children and young people who have a Special Educational Need or Disability

3.10     To ensure that proper records are maintained relating to attendance including:-

            (a)        Attendance Registers
            (b)        Information on absences to be contained in the prospectus
            (c)        Notification to the Local Authority on irregular attenders or long absences

3.11     To monitor student attendance each term.

3.12     To monitor the expenditure of Pupil Premium monies and the groups covered and review the outcomes of money spent.

3.13     To monitor and review iSpace and the School website.

4.         GENERAL

4.1       Through the School Improvement Plan (and associated updates and briefings) to monitor change and development relating to Personnel and Curriculum matters.

4.2       To keep under review all Governors’ Statements of Policy that relate to Personnel and Curriculum.   To approve draft Policies and permit the implementation of these by the Headteacher in the form of a Provisional Policy for up to six months in anticipation of adoption by the Governing Body.   To approve amendment to Policies that are not of a material nature.

4.3       To ensure that the Headteacher and all members of the Leadership Team carry out the proper instructions of the Committee.

4.4       To undertake tasks in relation to Personnel and Curriculum matters referred to the Committee by the Governors.   To report regularly to the Governing Body on all relevant matters and make recommendations.   To liaise fully with all other committees as appropriate.