Powers of Pay Committee


1.         To keep under review the strategic objectives of the School and the School Improvement Plan which incorporates the Action Plan following inspection.   To keep under review and to be responsible for advising the Governing Body on matters relating to the Pay Policy.   To monitor the implementation of this policy and its procedures and to ensure they are well publicised.

2.         To keep under review and determine the job description of the Headteacher.   To monitor annually the lesson observations of members of the Leadership Team.  To consider the report by the Review Governors relating to the performance management review of the Headteacher.

3.         To determine the salary and pay ranges for members of the Leadership Team and also Lead Practitioners, if appropriate.  To ratify all staff salaries.

4.         In consultation with the Headteacher to determine the structure of the Leadership Team.

5.         In consultation with the Headteacher to determine the structure of the teaching and learning responsibility payments and all allowances.

6.         To keep under review all legislation relating to the pay of staff.

7.         Through the School Improvement Plan (and associated updates and briefings) to monitor change when appropriate and developments which relate to matters of pay.

8.         To keep under review all Governors’ Statements of Policy that relate to pay.   To approve draft Policies and permit the implementation of these by the Headteacher in the form of a Provisional Policy for up to six months in anticipation of adoption by the Governing Body.   To approve amendments to Policies that are not of a material nature.

9.         To ensure that the Headteacher and the Leadership Team carry out the proper instructions of this Committee.

10.       To undertake tasks relating to pay matters referred to the Committee by the Governing Body.   To report regularly to the Governing Body on all relevant matters and make recommendations.   To liaise fully with all other Committees as appropriate.