Science Separate Programme: Biology, Chemistry and Physics (GCSE)

SCIENCE: Separate Science Programme:
Biology, Chemistry and Physics (GCSE)

As a core subject, all students will study science. The core time allocated to science is not part of the options procedure. During year 9 all students will follow the same course.

Approximately 60% of our students will study for dual award science GCSE in their core time allocation and approximately 40% will study for three separate sciences. Students will be advised of the pathway most appropriate for them to study in the summer of year 9.

Approximately 40% of students will be following the course described below, which results in students achieving three separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  

Examination Board



Overview of the course

Groups will work through a variety of units of study in Biology, Chemistry and Physics in Years 9, 10 and 11. These will all be examined in June of Year 11. Each subject requires a series of practical tasks which will be monitored and assessed throughout the course. These do not contribute to the final grade.

The course has a similar ethos to the combined Science courses but with greater scientific content and more emphasis on scientific methodology.

Students will achieve three separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. This will give an excellent grounding for further study at A level as well as a thorough appreciation for science and its place in society.

How you will be assessed


Assessment and duration

Maximum Marks

Percentage of overall result

Biology 1

Each exam is 1 hr 45 mins.

Each will assess different topics.

Question types are multiple choice, structured, closed, short answer & open response.



Biology 2



Chemistry 1



Chemistry 2



Physics 1



Physics 2



Each GCSE is 100% examined in 2 written papers.  Results will be graded on a nine point scale: 1 to 9 – where 9 is the best grade.

Post-16 courses available to you

You can go on to study any of the sciences at A Level in The Sandon Sixth Form. To study at A level students are required to gain high grades in their science and maths GCSEs, likely to be grades 6-9.