Business Studies (BTEC Level 1/Level 2 First Award) -

BUSINESS (BTEC Level 1 / Level 2 First Award)

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First teaching Sept 17

Course overview

This qualification is a Technical Award equivalent in size to one GCSE. It is designed for pre-16 students working at level 2 who want to engage in a practical study of how real world businesses work, develop and make a profit, while developing some technical business and employability skills within their Key Stage 4 curriculum. It provides an introduction to some of the key themes within the sector, enabling students to understand the world of business through research, role play, assignments, project work, and case studies. It promotes an awareness of organisations, the real world context in which they operate, the markets they serve and the process of adding value to achieve their objectives.

BTEC L2 First Award in Business

Number of teaching  modules

Qualifications of the same size and level


1 GCSE (1-9)


Course content and assessment:


Four units are studied over the 2 years.



Percentage of overall result

Enterprise in the Business world

Centre-assessed and externally moderated by BTEC - coursework


Finance for Business

External assessment - exam



Optional unit 1 (TBC)

Centre-assessed and externally moderated by BTEC - coursework


Optional unit 2 (TBC)


Centre-assessed and externally moderated by BTEC - coursework



BTEC Grade

Level 1 Pass

Level 2 Pass

Level 2 Merit

Level 2 Distinction

Level 2 Distinction*

GCSE Equivalent

1 - 3

Grades 4 to 8


Post-16 Courses available to you:


Students with BTEC Business have the option either to progress their learning of the subject at more advanced courses e.g. A level  or BTEC level 3 extended certificate  (both offered at Sandon), or use it towards their entry to other subjects.  However, when you decide to enter employment the subject will also help you as you learn and use a variety of transferable skills throughout the course.  These include the important business skills of decision making and planning, working in teams and communication skills.