Information and Creative Technology (BTEC Level 1/Level 2 First Award)

(BTEC Level 1 / Level 2 First Award)

Examination Board



Overview of the course :

The Edexcel BTEC Level 1/Level 2 First Award in Information and Creative Technology has been designed for students who wish to explore a vocational approach to Information Technology throughout Key Stage 4.

It has been developed to:

·         enthuse learners to become technology savvy – producers of technology products

·         give learners the opportunity to gain a broad understanding and knowledge of the   Information Technology sector and some aspects of the creative industries

·         give learners a more focused understanding of Information and Creative Technology

·         explore the fundamentals of technology and gain the practical skills, knowledge and understanding to design, make and review  information technology systems products that combine IT and creative technology, e.g. website design

·         encourage personal development, motivation and confidence, through practical participation and by giving learners responsibility for their own projects

·         support progression into more specialised Level 3 vocational courses

Course content

Unit 1: The Online World

How do websites work? How do emails reach your computer? How does the use of computer applications affect your daily life? This unit provides an introduction to the modern online world. Starting with your own experiences, you will extend your knowledge of online services and investigate the technology and software that supports them. You will learn more about a range of services including email, online data storage, collaborative software, search engines and blogging. You will explore a range of digital devices, such as smart phones and digital music players and consider the technology that enables these devices to share and exchange information. This technology has created new concerns regarding security and privacy. You will investigate these concerns and consider how users should behave online to safeguard themselves and respect others.

Unit 3 : A digital portfolio

This unit is your chance to show off! A digital portfolio is an exciting onscreen way to showcase your achievements to potential employers or when applying for a course.

It is all about:

·         the projects you have created and developed

·         your use of communication and presentation skills

·         your capabilities and potential.

Digital portfolios can be viewed by anyone with a computer and an internet browser. You will learn how to create a digital portfolio that includes a series of web pages with links to content that you have created. You will learn how to make use of multimedia assets such as images, sound and video to make your portfolio appealing and engaging.

Unit 13: Website Development

Have you ever viewed a website and wondered how it was created? Many different elements can be included in the website, such as text, graphics, animation, video and programs (client-side computer scripts). Many websites also contain sophisticated interactive features such as database search facilities, online purchasing and messaging. To be successful, a website must be visually interesting, while remaining easy to use. In this unit, you will investigate the features and uses of websites by exploring what they are and how their integrated components and applications interact with each other. You will also learn how to design, develop and test a website for a brief. Once this is completed you will review your website, having obtained feedback from others

How you will be assessed?


Assessment and duration

Percentage of overall result

Unit 1 : The Online World

External Assessment by Online Exam lasting 1 hour



Unit 3: A Digital Portfolio

Internal Assessment by Assignment



Unit 13: Website Development

Internal Assessment by Assignment



Students who successfully complete this course will be awarded a BTEC First Award qualification graded as follows:-

BTEC Grade

Level 1 Pass

Level 2 Pass

Level 2 Merit

Level 2 Distinction

Level 2 Distinction*

GCSE Equivalent


Grades 4 to 8

Post-16 courses available to you

The ICT Department offers two Post 16 courses:-

1.             A level Computing 

2.             BTEC Nationals:

·         The AQA Computing A level course is very academic, suiting those with good English and mathematical ability, focusing on knowledge and skills. This course covers computer programming and understanding the technology behind how computers work.

·         The BTEC Level 3 National Extended Certificate in Information Technology course is made up of two examinations and two coursework projects over the two years. It suits those who enjoy the challenge of problem solving and working independently to produce professional level projects. It is a mix of both academic and practical skills.