Performing Arts (BTEC Level 1/Level 2 First Award) -

PERFORMING ARTS (BTEC Level 1 / Level 2 First Award)

Dance Pathway

Examination Board



This exciting course is consistently achieving  outstanding results since its first cohort in 2012. It is a vocational course equivalent to one GCSE with a Dance focus This course will enable you:

·         to gain an understanding of the performing arts industry and vocational briefs

·         refine your dance technique skills refine your dance performance skills

·         develop your dance composition skills

·         develop your makeup design

·         to make critical evaluations about drama and dance, (verbal and written)

·         to develop presentation skills

·         to collaborate as a team

·         to meet performance deadlines.

Course content

Unit 1:  Individual Showcase

In response to exam board briefs you will present a letter of application and two performance pieces for an audition style performance (dance). Each piece lasting two minutes recorded in controlled conditions at the end of year 11.

E g; Performance Brief: Variety Show to celebrate the Summer.

Two contrasting pieces from a) solo dance A & solo dance B or b) solo dance A & makeup design presentation B

Unit 2:  Preparation, Performance and Production

Working as part of a company, you will explore, rehearse and prepare for a group performance as a dancer to a brief set by your teacher e.g. ‘Swan Song’ by Christopher Bruce or ‘Into the Hood’ by ZooNation. You will keep a detailed diary style log of rehearsal notes, plans and developments. The final performance will display your performance skills and be recorded in exam conditions to an audience of family / friends.

Unit 4Dance Skills

You will explore a range of dance styles including contemporary dance, jazz dance, street dance or musical theatre dance.  You will learn to rehearse dances and to prepare for performances throughout the course including the Dance Show. You will review your own dance practice and set targets for improvement.

How you will be assessed


Assessment and duration

Percentage of overall result

Unit 1

Externally assessed – individual showcase 30 hours


Unit 2

Internally assessed – Preparation, performance and production 30 hours (a group performance).


Unit 4

Internally assessed : Dance skills 60 hours



BTEC Grade

Level 1 Pass

Level 2 Pass

Level 2 Merit

Level 2 Distinction

Level 2 Distinction*

GCSE Equivalent

1 - 3

Grades 4 to 8


Post-16 courses available to you:

A Level Drama and Theatre Studies, Media Studies and Music are popular subjects in The Sandon Sixth Form, which students of Performing Arts are able to pursue as a development from the First Award.

Other post 16 opportunities include: Access to level 3 Performing Arts, Dance or Drama courses at local colleges, including Colchester Institute, South Essex College, Evolution etc.

Job opportunities for those qualifying in Performing Arts vocational courses include: A range of careers which value good communication, literacy and a creative skill-set which might include: education, childcare, NHS careers, police, media careers, charity, heritage and culture careers and journalism for example.

Specific drama/performing arts careers include; performer, critic, director, choreographer, ty presenter, movement director, teacher, stage manager, stage designer, producer, arts development officer, makeup designer.

Special notes

  1. Those taking this course will be expected to attend extra rehearsals in order to prepare for regular assessed performances and the studio will be booked for the students accordingly.
  2. Candidates will be expected to wear specific kit for all practical lessons as a compulsory requirement associated with Performing Arts Industry professionalism.
  3. Visiting artists and trips to professional dance and drama venues will be a highlight of this course to enhance candidates knowledge of industry links.
  4. All candidates MUST perform in evening shows for interim and final assessment evidence.  Shows are recorded and footage shown to examiners.  Dress rehearsals are also recorded for evidence and feedback given to raise final performance standards.
  5. Enquiries should be made to the course leader Mrs Davis CTL Performing Arts.