Art & Design A Level -


WJEC Eduqas Art and Design (Fine Art)


This qualification is structured to: provide an intensive course designed to equip students with skills and concepts required to embark on a personal creative journey; explore and develop a range of techniques and processes through the experimental and investigatory use of a wide variety of materials; widen students’ visual and intellectual awareness of artists, designers, and the world around them through gallery visits and contextual referencing; gain a greater focus of ideas, techniques and use of specific materials thus further developing skills and individual style; to continue to enhance critical and analytical skills through continuous review and evaluation of progress.


Over the course of the programme, students will engage in integrated critical, practical and theoretical study in art and design.  This will involve: greater specialisation in media and processes; extended development of particular themes, ideas or issues; further theoretical research and increased requirement to demonstrate understanding through integrated practical and written forms, and other means of communication; how ideas, feelings and meanings can be conveyed and interpreted in images and artefacts; how images and artefacts relate to the time and place in which they were made and to their social and cultural contexts; continuity and change in different genres, styles and traditions; a working vocabulary and specialist terminology; recording experiences and observations, in a variety of ways using drawing or other appropriate visual forms; undertaking research; and gathering, selecting and organising visual and other appropriate information; exploring relevant resources; analysing, discussing and evaluating images, objects and artefacts; and making and recording independent judgements; using knowledge and understanding of the work of others to develop and extend thinking and the informing of their own work; generating and exploring potential lines of enquiry using appropriate media and techniques; applying knowledge and understanding in making images and artefacts; reviewing and modifying work; and planning and developing ideas in the light of their own and others’ evaluations; organising, selecting and communicating ideas, solutions and responses, and presenting them in a range of visual, tactile and/or sensory forms.


It is expected that the traditional route onto Higher Education degree courses in Art and Design related themes would involve a Foundation Course in Art and Design. Here students will experience a range of creative opportunities before specialising in their chosen field of study. This would then be the area that they would study further at degree level.


“Representing and developing mature, diverse subjects through the use of varied media and materials has enabled me to project my interests into my coursework portfolio. The adaptability and freedom of the AS and A2 Fine Art courses has enabled me to pursue topics which engage me, focusing upon such topics with a broad and devoted outlook which is supported and enhanced by the encouragement and influence of the teacher.”

– Toby Granger, Year 13


Students will have achieved at least a B grade in art at GCSE level as well as establishing a high standard of technical ability and a sound work ethic. Grade 4 or higher is also required in mathematics and English at GCSE.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION please contact Mr S Wadwell