Key Stage 3

Art and Design

In Art and Design, students will be taught about the traditional formal elements of the subject basing their work initially on first - hand observational experiences before being encouraged to explore creative two and three – dimensional responses to a range of themes. They will learn how to express ideas about the world in which they live and how to use a range of materials /media in their production of Art and Design. Students will learn how Art and Design has an impact on our everyday lives and will study and appreciate both historical and contemporary contextual resources, cultures, artists and art movements which will inspire and support their individual creative development. Their progression through the key stages will see their technical skills gain refinement and their confidence in selecting, handling and applying a wide range of media evolve. Students will learn to thoughtfully, sensitively and insightfully analyse and evaluate both their own work and that of others. Their learning and creative development will be closely guided, monitored and assessed by a team of committed, enthusiastic and supportive teachers within a visually stimulating environment.