School Aims

The Sandon School aims to be:

  1. A Learning Organisation
    • focussing on achievement for every learner
    • promoting lifelong learning for students, staff, parents, governors and the community
    • setting clear targets for every learner in a spirit of continuous improvement
    • maximising results at all levels by enabling good teaching and learning to flourish
    • providing a purposeful education in preparation for life
    • recognising and celebrating all achievements for all learners
  2. A Caring and Supportive Community
    • that values and challenges each individual
    • that encourages mutual respect and courtesy
    • that has high expectations and positive attitudes to learning, behaviour, the school and the environment
    • that allows the fullest possible development of everyone’s intellectual, social, moral and personal potential
    • that has a positive culture and ethos
    • that ensures that students grow up to lead safe, happy, healthy and successful lives
  3. An Effective Learning Environment
    • with firm, purposeful leadership empowering others to achieve and participate
    • with clear, fair and consistent discipline
    • with a comprehensive and shared improvement plan
    • with sound management and good communications at all levels
    • with high quality sustainable resources and an attractive working environment which promotes ownership and pride
    • that uses technology to raise academic achievement and promote a technological, enterprising and vocational culture
  4. A Popular School
    • where students want to come and staff want to work
    • where parents choose to send their children
    • in a community that supports and benefits from the work taking place
    • which values working with other schools in the area
    • with a confident and supportive governing board

"Achievement for every learner"