Key Stage 3


In English lessons, students expand upon the skills in reading, writing and discussion acquired in key stage 2. They will also develop their understanding of texts in performance and, in the Autumn Term, will take part in the annual year 7 Poetry Competition. Additionally, students will extend writing skills to improve the content and length as well as writing for different audiences and purposes. Furthermore, they will learn more about how to use punctuation correctly in order to help the reader make sense of what they have written and develop their spellings. In the summer term, there is an opportunity for year 7 students to visit The Globe Theatre and undertake workshops with members of the Royal Shakespeare Company. A residential trip to Stratford -Upon- Avon is offered in year 8 giving students the opportunity to contextualise Shakespeare, the 1500s and the plays. 

Students will access a wide variety of reading materials and reading books of all types in conjunction with the Accelerated Reader scheme and share their ideas and discoveries about them. Participation in the scheme is embedded into the whole school curriculum where reading is encouraged and supported in all curriculum areas.

We encourage all students to join and enjoy the wide variety of extra-curricular groups that are on offer within the department. These include: debating, public speaking, discussion and creative writing.

The key stage 3 courses of study are a solid preparation for students to access the demands of their GCSE years. At the end of year 11, students will be entered for both English Language and English Literature GCSEs.