Science Combined Science: Trilogy (GCSE Double Award)

SCIENCE Combined Science: Trilogy
(GCSE Double Award)

As a core subject, all students will study science. The core time allocated to science is not part of the options procedure. During year 9 all students will follow the same course.

Approximately 60% of our students will study for dual award science GCSE in their core time allocation and approximately 40% will study for three separate sciences. Students will be advised of the pathway most appropriate for them to study in the summer of year 9.

Approximately 60% of students will be following the course described below, which results in students achieving two GCSEs in Science by the end of Year 11.

Examination Board



Overview of the course

Students will follow the AQA Combine Science Trilogy syllabus.

All the students will work through a variety of topics covering the disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, the emphasis of which will be to develop the knowledge and understanding of Science and the scientific issues which confront society.

This course follows a more traditional route of teaching the topics as Biology, Chemistry & Physics separately.

This course will enable students to

·         Gain a better knowledge and understanding of Science

·         Access jobs and careers that require Science as an entry qualification.

·         Develop abilities and skills that are relevant to the study, practice and application of Science, which are useful in everyday life and encourage safe practice.

·         Acquire a systematic body of scientific knowledge and the skills needed to apply this in new and changing situations in a range of social, industrial and environmental contexts.

·         Develop an understanding of scientific issues

Course content

Practical skills will be monitored and assessed throughout the three year course.

How you will be assessed


Assessment and duration

Maximum Marks

Percentage of overall result

Combined Science Trilogy

Biology 1

Each exam is 1 hr 15 mins.

Each will assess different topics.

Question types are multiple choice, structured, closed, short answer & open response.



Biology 2



Chemistry 1






Physics 1



Physics 2




Each GCSE is 100% examined.  Results will be graded on a nine point scale: 1 to 9 – where 9 is the best grade.

Post-16 courses available to you

You can go on to study any of the sciences at A Level in The Sandon Sixth Form. To study at A level students are required to gain high grades in their science and maths GCSEs, likely to be grades 6 – 9.