Physical Education (Core)


In Years 10 and 11 all students participate in two hours of Physical Education per week.  Students experience a range of activities including:

·         Games (ranging from Lacrosse to Handball)

·         Fitness

·         Athletics


The aim is to develop and extend the skills learnt in KS3.  In addition, students learn new skills and experience some new activities.  Within lessons students are expected to take on other roles, such as official, choreographer or coach. 

The courses are organised to encourage students to participate regularly in health-promoting physical activity, while at the same time helping students to understand what is involved in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

During Year 10, students will participate in single gender sets.  In Year 11 students will be taught in mixed ability and mixed gender groups and will be given the opportunity to choose their preferred activities.  In order to participate safely in each activity, students are required to wear the correct kit. All the necessary items are available from the school outfitters.  No exceptions will be made.

If, for any reason, students are unable to participate in physical education, they must bring a note from home.  Apart from severe cases, kit should still be brought to lessons, as it may be possible to offer an alternative activity.  Students will generally be able to officiate and provide feedback to their peers and assist the teacher.  A wide range of extra-curricular activities is also available to all students.