Sixth Form Dress Ethos

At Sandon we trust our Sixth Form students to take responsibility for dressing appropriately for the school environment. We do not impose a uniform on our students, instead we ask all Sixth Formers to adhere to a dress ethos suitable for a place of work, not wearing any item that could be considered inappropriate. If you are unsure about an item of clothing, the safest option is to find something else to wear. At all times your dress should be dignified, respectful, and mindful of the whole school community. Please ensure you adhere to this ethos, as failure to do so will result in you being asked to go home and change.

You are asked to regard the Sixth Form dress ethos in a positive manner, as we aim to have a smart appearance that still allows you a degree of personal choice. However, the school is a workplace and this should be reflected in your appearance.

Suitable attire:

Be smart and suitable for a place of work such as an office, or a customer facing role, setting a high standard in keeping with the Sixth Form’s status as role models for younger students. This includes the following points but is not exhaustive:

  • Hoodies are not allowed for any year group across the school
  • Ripped, dirty, worn, faded or offensive items are too casual for a place of work and are therefore not permitted
  • Sports attire is not permitted

If you have any queries regarding this ethos, please speak to your Head of Year or email

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