Film Studies

Statement of Intent

Film Studies at The Sandon School is designed to draw on learners’ enthusiasm for film and introduce them to a wide variety of cinematic experiences. Students will develop a range of literacy, communication, analytical, production, IT and other transferable skills. Practical skills are gradually embedded from an early stage to foster understanding of how films are constructed, to encourage creativity and to strengthen the students’ knowledge of key words for their written tasks. Broader knowledge of historical, cultural, social and political contexts of the films studied are gradually introduced throughout the course. Learners are encouraged to discuss and share their passions, motivations and interpretations of films that inspire them and to develop their practical skills further outside of the classroom, culminating in the creation of their own suspense film sequence.

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Extra curricular:  

Into Film run a nationwide film festival which invites students to watch a film in a local cinema for free. Students at GCSE have attended this for the first time this year.

Film Students also have access to the Film Club at lunchtime to broaden their viewing of film.

Keep an eye out for film competitions and other developments throughout the year.


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Key stage 4 Film Studies GCSE 23rd Aug 2022 Download
Key stage 5 Film Studies 23rd Aug 2022 Download
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