Statement of Intent

The Sociology curriculum aims to be accessible and challenging for all students who decide to pursue Sociology as an option. As a department we aim to give students the skills and confidence to excel in Sociology. Students utilise their understanding of the world around them to begin their journey of learning in Sociology.

Schemes of work allow teachers to support and challenge students they have in the classroom. Content and order of delivery for the GCSE Sociology is driven by the specification as given by the exam board. However, consideration is taken into building the students’ knowledge over the two years. More challenging topics are addressed throughout the second year of their study.


Students are introduced to Sociology by considering the world around us and how we are influenced. Students consider how children are socialised into the wider world and what happens as they grow up. The course allows students to gain knowledge on how education, families and crime all impact our society. Throughout the course they develop their understanding to complete two examinations.

Other resources: students are supported through individual notes, students can purchase textbooks, revision guides if appropriate.

Extracurricular opportunities:  museum visits and relevant sociological talks.


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Key stage 4 Sociology GCSE 23rd Aug 2022 Download
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