Statement of Intent

The Criminology curriculum aims to provide students with an accessible course that allows them to gain an understanding into the world of the criminal justice system.

Schemes of work allow teachers to support students to complete both controlled assessments and examinations, including the skills necessary to adapt to both assessment formats. The order of content and delivery for the course is derived from the specification, however the course is designed to ensure that students have completed the certificate by the end of Year 12 and the diploma by the end of Year 13. This means students have a qualification by the end of Year 12.


Students start off by thinking about how crimes are influenced in society, how we as individuals are aware of the crimes being committed in society. The students build on this to then consider the sociological and psychological theories behind crime in society. In the second year of study the students utilise this knowledge to gain a deeper understanding of how the criminal justice system works with regards to investigations and prosecutions.

Other resources - students are supported through individual notes, students can purchase textbooks, revision guides if appropriate.

Extracurricular opportunities - visits to the courts and speakers within school to help understanding of professionals in the criminal justice system  


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Key stage 5 Criminology 23rd Aug 2022 Download
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