Religious Education

Statement of Intent

The Religious Education curriculum is broad and encapsulates a range of world views. The primary focus is on developing the core knowledge of the six major world faiths represented in this country, as well as a number of non-religious and ethical viewpoints. The overriding aim is to develop students’ understanding of the beliefs, values, and practices of others in the world around them as well as providing opportunity for reflection to better understand and articulate their own beliefs and opinions. Students are encouraged to see the valuable ideas that can be learnt from both religious and non-religious worldviews outside of their own, and to better understand the importance of religion in the modern world.

The aim is for students to develop a broader worldview by considering big ideas that are challenging, engaging and rewarding. The subject is delivered in an entirely open manner where students have a safe environment to share ideas on potentially personal issues without any particular viewpoint being advocated as more important by either their peers or teachers. Alongside the core Religious Education curriculum students will engage in aspects of the RSHE curriculum through the health and wellbeing unit taught in key stage 3.

Students are encouraged to be critical thinkers and not to take ideas at face value. Their studies will focus on the interrelated disciplines of religion, philosophy, and sociology as the academic framework through which these issues are studied. This enables student to develop both the substantive knowledge required as well as the ability to interpret information and draw thoughtful and meaningful conclusions.

Beyond their studies at key stage 3 students can develop these skills and knowledge further with GCSE and A-Level which build upon the core knowledge as well as considering how religion can respond to ethical and moral issues in the world.

Other resources

  • and other online resources
  • GCSE Pod
  • GCSE revisions guides are available

Beyond the classroom

  • Year 7 – trip to St Andrew’s Church, Sandon
  • Year 8 and 9 – opportunity for involvement in Magistrates Mock Trial competition
  • Year 9 – opportunity for involvement in the Dora Love Prize (in collaboration with the History department)

The RE department is also involved in opportunities for whole school enrichment such as mental health day and human rights day


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Key Stage 3 Curriculum Map Religious Education 23rd Aug 2022 Download
Key stage 5 Religious Studies 23rd Aug 2022 Download
Key Stage 4 Religious Studies GCSE 02nd Oct 2023 Download
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