History A Level -


EDEXCEL 8H10 and 9H10


History is an engaging, rewarding and exciting journey into the past. Allows students to develop a wide range of skills from independent research, source analysis, constructing an argument and analysing historians’ controversial viewpoints. A highly respected qualification that any university or work place will appreciate. Students will enjoy the ability to delve deeper into the past, gaining a deeper understanding of how we have evolved into the modern society in which we live today. If a student enjoys history at GCSE then this is an obvious path to pursue.


Breadth study with interpretations

Taught by Mr Bay

·         Route F: In search of the American Dream, the USA 1917-96.

·         Topics:  America entering WW1; the Roaring Twenties; Wall Street Crash; the quest for Civil Rights (Martin Luther King); the Cold War; WW2; role of the Presidents (FDR, JFK, Nixon and Reagan); changes in society (role of sportsmen, movie stars, music, celebrity)

Depth Study

Taught by Mr Welsh

·         Route F: South Africa; 1948-94. From Apartheid State to Rainbow Nation.

·         A study in depth of South Africa during its transition from white minority rule to the free elections of 1994, a long, and at times, dramatic process in which South Africa changed from an apartheid state into a multi-racial democracy. The role of Nelson Mandela and the ANC is explored as well as life under an apartheid regime.

The British experience of warfare 1790-1918

Taught by Mrs Gower

This British course will give you a huge overview of British conflicts from fighting Napoleon in the French Wars, to the horrors of the Crimean War, the change in tactics in the Boer conflict to the Total War of the First World War.  Students will learn about changes in recruitment, technology, leadership and tactics and their impact on British warfare. We will also focus on changing attitudes of the public to the conduct of war. This is a really interesting and stimulating course.

The coursework will be conducted at the end of Year 12 and will be completed by December of Year 13.  The coursework question is, "Was the Holocaust a long term plan?" Students will consider whether the Final Solution was always a long term plan or whether it was devised in reaction to a series of events after 1941. Students will already be familiar with the Intentionalism / Structuralism debate from their Year 9 assessment. The coursework is up to 4,000 words. Students are expected to independently source 5 historians and write about the historian’s view. Coursework is internally assessed and moderated by the exam board.


History opens doors to teaching, civil service, law, research careers, journalism, Heritage management and librarian careers. History is highly regarded amongst all universities, including Russell Group universities.  


“History is a fun, interesting and challenging course with a variety of excellent teachers. It requires hard work and commitment but it really pays off. It is a step up from GCSE but the difference is a challenge that can be met with dedication.”

-  Tom Kerns, Year 13.


Students must usually have achieved a grade B or above in GCSE history in order to provide the required foundation for advanced studies.  Grade 5 or higher is also required in English GCSE and grade 4 or higher in mathematics GCSE.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION please contact Mrs C Gower cgo@sandon.essex.sch.uk